Vinyl – March 2013

April is just around the corner and I’m itching to get some new records in my collection ever since I went on a spending hiatus after purchasing this rare record back in early January. In the last 16 weeks, I’ve spent a grand total of $30 on records, which is REALLY saying a lot for my addictive habit. Plus, after browsing around online, I saw this picture and was completely blown away (jealous) by this Tom Waits fan’s collection:


Note the top left of the picture:


The two identical records highlighted above could be considered “holy grails” to a lot of collectors. Those records were supposed to be the original releases for ‘Swordfishtrombone‘, but apparently Island Records said no to the album cover – which Tom Waits himself designed, no less – and so they were rejected. They’re pretty hard to find, as they were only released in Australia and in very limited quantity. In some cases, they’ve sold as high as $700 each. This guy apparently owns two of them!

Rare records aside, I did get a rather interesting book recently. I met a fellow vinyl-head at Grooves in San Francisco a few weeks ago who had a very interesting collection. He specialized in collecting vinyl bootlegs. Not counterfeits of official studio releases, or pirated records, but unofficial material such as concerts, demos, and even interviews – all pressed on vinyl. His collection was enormous from what he told me. He’d been collecting since the early 1970s when bootleg vinyl records were starting to become more common (if they could ever be considered “common”). He did admit unfortunately that he sold every single piece he owned a few months earlier (to a single buyer, at that). I myself have a large passion for music, especially live music, so we talked about live music and vinyl bootlegs for almost an hour. Before leaving the store, he informed me about a very awesome (and very rare) book he owned which he insisted that he give me. He said that my passion for vinyl records and live music reminded him a lot of himself during his youth. It was quite humbling.

The book is entitled ‘Voigts New Collector’s Price Guide For Bootlegs’.


This book is actually autographed by the author. The book is really cool. It’s basically a price guide for about 90% of all vinyl bootlegs from 1970 to 1991. I’m thoroughly enjoying this book, but there are two main flaws: The first being that it is out dated (price-wise) and the second being that the values listed in the book are in German Marks (now replaced by the Euro). Having said that, the book is an excellent reference with an incredible amount of info. The first few pages mention about the tens of hundreds of bootleg labels that existed from the 1970s to the 1990s. That alone makes from an interesting read, as many of the labels were underground and pretty sketchy when it came to any real information regarding their origin.

I’ve already found a few of the bootleg titles in my collection in the book. Take for example this Talking Heads bootleg:IMG_1928In the Price Guide book, it lists Workshop Image as being 98 Deutsche Marks, which equates to 50.11 Euros, which equates to $64.25 USD (thanks, Google). Keep in mind, 98 Marks was the going price back in 1991, so this may be worth more…? I doubt anyone would pay more than $50 for this, but even so, it’s pretty cool to know what my few rare vinyl bootlegs may be worth!

Shifting gears for a minute, I’m really excited for Record Store Day this year. Phish has announced that they’re going to re-release Lawn Boy on vinyl. Considering that it’s been out of print since forever, and that copies from the original release are currently worth 500 to 800 on ebay, I’ll be sure to get a copy this April 20th! On top of that, USF is having their Rock-n-Swap meet in April as well, so I hope to come across some awesome stuff there too. I can’t wait for April!

That’s all for now. I’ll be sure to discuss (or brag about) my vinyl finds next month (hopefully).