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Vinyl – May 2014

In May, I bought only six records. Below are four of the six.

Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd

This is a very rare Pink Floyd bootleg – recorded live at Musikhalle in Hamburg, Germany on February 25, 1971. The front cover is pretty offensive – so I’m showcasing the back cover. The specific copy I acquired is a second state pressing from the original, first-ever bootleg recording of the famed 1971 Musikhalle performance. The differences in pressings are equally subtle as they are superficial.

First State - Impossible to find
First State – The original Musikhalle bootleg (no text). Nearly impossible to come across.
Second State – Very difficult to find. This is the version I own.
Third State - the most common of the three variations. Moderately difficult to find. Note the different arrangement of text compared to the second state.
Third State – the most common of the three variations. Moderately difficult to find. Note the different arrangement of text compared to the second state.

This bootleg was known for a few things: its rarity, its really obscene front cover, and its excellent recording quality featuring outstanding performances of songs like Careful with that Axe, Eugenie, Embryo, and Atom Heart Mother (performed with a backing brass and choir arrangement). It was also known for a really loud, chilling scream during Careful with that Axe, Eugene. The scream is queued up below (not advised for playback using headphones):

This legendary record has been copied many times by many of the big bootleggers of the 1970s. It’s been repressed before with titles such as:

Pink Floyd - Germany 1970 Titles v2

and then there’s the extremely rare version of all the Muiskhalle bootlegs  –  Embrwo.

Embrwo - The holy grail of all Pink Floyd bootlegs
Embrwo – The holy grail of all Pink Floyd bootlegs

Embrwo, pictured above, is believed to be from the infamous Los Angeles based bootleg label Trade Mark of Quality (TMOQ) and was exported from the US to the UK to another bootlegger known as Freddy Stomper (aka, ‘The Marked Hand’). For Freddy, locating a record pressing plant in London to manufacture bootlegs was nearly impossible. So the story goes that Freddy got in touch with the guys at TMOQ to have one of his tapes (Musikhalle ’71) pressed on colored vinyl, shipped to the UK without sleeves (as not to alert customs), and then packaged and stamped in London. He repackaged the records in thin white cardboard sleeves and rubber stamped them as Embrwo. ‘The Marked Hand’ most likely intended for the title to be Embryo, the name of a song performed on the bootleg. Shortly after the sale debut of Embrwo in March of 1973, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) raided many UK record stores suspected of selling bootlegs. In fact, one of the main stores raided for selling bootlegs in London was none other than Virgin Records – The exact same Virgin Records owned by billionaire tycoon Richard Branson. The last time a genuine copy of Embrwo appeared on ebay, the album sold for close to $2100. If you go on youtube and search for “Pink Floyd M502” you’ll come across the full recording of this legendary bootleg.


A1 Green Is The Colour / Careful With That Axe, Eugene 14:00
A2 Cymbaline 11:00
B1 Embryo 11:00
B2 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 14:00
C1 Saucerful Of Secrets 20:00
D1 Atom Heart Mother (with brass and choir) 28:00


Leo Kottke – 6- And 12-String Guitar

Leo Kottke – 6 and 12 String Guitar

I found an original first pressing of this at Amoeba in San Francisco in NM condition. It’s absolutely fantastic. The 12 string guitar musicianship on this album is really enjoyable. The acoustic folk sound makes me want to revisit Yosemite. Below is my favorite track from the album.


A1 The Driving Of The Year Nail
A2 The Last Of The Arkansas Greyhounds
A3 Ojo
A4 Crow River Waltz
A5 The Sailor’s Grave On The Prairie
A6 Vaseline Machine Gun
A7 Jack Fig
B1 Watermelon
B2 Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring
B3 The Fisherman
B4 The Tennessee Toad
B5 Busted Bicycle
B6 The Brain Of The Purple Mountain
B7 Coolidge Rising


Mike Gordon – Overstep

Mike Gordon - Overstep
Mike Gordon – Overstep

This is Mike Gordon’s (bassist for Phish) fourth solo studio album (excluding two other albums where he was joined by Leo Kottke). I really like the cover art on this album. The music itself is pretty okay. I’m not necessarily blown away. Not to say the music sucked, or that it wasn’t at all good, I just don’t see myself playing this one too often in the future. Side C was definitely the best side of this album. This was one example where the cover helped push a sale – for me, at least.


A1 Ether
A2 Tiny Little World
A3 Jumping
A4 Yarmouth Road
B1 Say Something
B2 Face
B3 Paint
B4 Different World
C1 Peel
C2 Long Black Line
C3 Surface


Various Artists – Dumb and Dumber Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Don’t judge my superior tastes in music…

Shop Radio Cast, a record label based in Canada, re-released this quintessential 90’s soundtrack in May. There was a limited edition of 50 copies on red and white wax, which sold out quickly. My copy is on blue wax and is limited to 500 copies. The music on this soundtrack is hit-and-miss, but I dig the majority of the songs. Some of the tracks downright suck. The good songs definitely outweigh the bad songs in either case. I’ve had the CD of this soundtrack for a long time. I still listen to the songs by Crash Test Dummies, Green Jelly, Echobelly and The Primitives when I come across them in my iTunes library. Oh, and side D has an special etching.

Pretty Bird... Pretty Bird...
Pretty Bird… Pretty Bird…

I realize the etching in the photo above is hard to see, but hopefully the caption will help you figure out what you’re looking at.

A1 Crash Test Dummies The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
A2 Deadeye Dick New Age Girl
A3 Echobelly Insomniac
A4 Pete Droge If You Don’t Love Me (I’ll Kill Myself)
B1 Primitives, The Crash (The ’95 Mix)
B2 Willi One Blood Whiney, Whiney (What Really Drives Me Crazy)
B3 Gigolo Aunts Where I Find My Heaven
B4 Butthole Surfers Hurdy Gurdy Man
C1 Sons, The Too Much Of A Good Thing
C2 Green Jelly The Bear Song
C3 Lupins, The Take
C4 Deee-Lite You Sexy Thing
C5 Proclaimers, The Get Ready