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Vinyl – August 2013

I haven’t written anything in a while. I’ve been busy overhauling my website and have been actively job hunting. It’s a learning experience (both building HTML in Dreamweaver and job hunting). I’ve also been working on a bunch of new videos; namely time lapse videos from various locations in the bay area.

Other than that, I’m going to discuss music and vinyl records!

So here are some recent purchases:Image

Found this rare gem sitting at Grooves in San Francisco. As mentioned in an earlier post, I met a gentleman at Grooves who collected only bootleg records. He had to unfortunately sell his entire collection to an independent buyer (Grooves). About 99% of every bootleg record found at Grooves was from a single collection from a single collector. I picked up a copy of “Stairstep to Abandon” knowing the rarity of the label and knowing that anything on the shelves at Grooves is in great condition.

Here’s the known info on this record:

BAND: Pink Floyd
VENUE: Hippodrome*
DATE: 1974.12.14 (December 14, 1974)

Vinyl bootleg title: “Stairstep to Abandon”
Label: Ze Anonym Plattenspieler
Catalog Number: ZAP 7874

A1 Echoes
B1 Breathe
B2 On the Run
B3 Time
B4 Great Gig In The Sky

Lineage: Unknown AUD > Bootleg vinyl LP “Stairstep to Abandon”

*Venue may possibly be Colston Hall. Colston Hall is what is listed on etree as the venue. Yeeshkul indicates it is indeed the Hippodrome.
More info on this can be found here: http://www.yeeshkul.com/forum/showthread.php?14318-1973-06-19-Pink-Floyd-Stairstep-To-Abandon

Fun fact about this recording: This was the final day of Pink Floyd’s 1974 Winter tour.

The recording quality is okay, nothing too outstanding for a bootleg from the mid 70s. I give it a B for recording quality. More information on the release can be found here: http://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-Stairstep-To-Abandon/release/4238431

Another recent purchase: Daft Punk – DiscoverySUPERHEEEEROOOOOOO

Bought this brand new at Amoeba in San Francisco for under $20. Definitely worth it!

More stuff to come soon!