California Summer - A Rough Concept      

Creative and Dedicated

I've chosen to pursue a life-long career in video production and photography becuase these careers offer me a challenge that allows me to be both creative and passionate within an industry that utilizes and objectifies media.

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Experienced and Motivated

From Spring 2009 to the present day, I started my career in video production as an Assistant Video Editor for Electronic Arts, and continued to seek new challenges in broadcast and media thoughout the coming years.

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Hobbyist and Audiophile

Video and Photography are indeed big passions of mine, but I also enjoy other activites like discovering new music, collecting vinyl records, tape trading, networking, excercising, traveling, and attending sports games.

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Who I am

My name is Jonathan Stockhus. I am a Video Producer, a Photographer and a dual honors graduate from San Francisco State University's Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts department.


What I do

I produce video and I shoot photographs. I strive to work in an industry that uses media as a way to create and communicate; to astonish and entertain. Some of my previous employers include CBS (KPIX), Link TV, and Electronic Arts.


Why I do it

Media has always fascinated me, especially in a visual regard. There's nothing more satisfying to me than to produce something visual that both utilizes my creativity and my passion to communicate to an audience.